Hi, I'm Eric. I'm an industrial designer from Trinidad & Tobago. I currently live in San Diego, CA. 
My story probably started like other designers. As a child I was encouraged to play, draw and disassemble old gadgets with my father's tools. I've grown to understand creativity not solely as individual curiosity but curiosity within a supportive community. I've been a designer in elegant studios in Toronto and in gritty fabrication shops in Trinidad. Along the way I've worked with fabrication teams, built my own prototypes, run CNC machines and admittedly hammered a few fingers. I've loved it all. I do these things because I like to know what it takes to realize my designs. I want to know the people behind the scenes just as much as the people ultimately using the products. Finding balance between what is needed and what can be accomplished responsibly is what motivates me.
If you'd like to get to know me, please get in touch.

(619) 549 8528
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