Existing site: Area 1
Design proposal: Area 1
A special committee of Croix Memorial Park, Manvel wanted a plan to revitalize an existing botanical garden. The aim was to provide a space where visitors could picnic, relax and learn about the benefits of native plants. The new plans included an improved garden path with signage describing the plants and the wildlife that visited, as well as bird water features. Within the garden there would be themed gardens and areas for more learning. These included a “bee garden”, “hummingbird garden” and “woodland retreat”, etc. Installation and construction is scheduled for the fall of 2023.
Software: Rhinoceros 3D, Adobe Creative Suite, Blender.
Size: 273ft x 195ft
The garden committee expressed interest in having a “nook” where people walking the path could rest and enjoy the scenery.
They also wanted to remove the existing gazebo which was a place people enjoyed taking pictures.
We saw this as an opportunity to include a custom trellis arbor that could perform those two main functions.
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